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Chef Julianne has been trained in 5 star hotels, chef hat restaurants and owned and operated her own award winning restaurant Cloudstreet, at Kirribilli.  Julianne’s Kitchen, is run by Julianne and her fiancée Zlatko Markovski and makes artisan products made without, additives, flavours or colours - the way good food used to be made. This is reflected in the quality, flavour and care taken in all their products. 

Check out our new retail packaging including our new ‘Duck and Shiraz
pâté’ and ‘Apple and Thyme Paste’


  • Our range of products available in retail and food service size

    Chicken and Orange Pâté         Quince Paste


    Chicken and Madeira Pâté       Pear and Cinnamon Paste   


    Duck and Currant Pâté             Apple and Thyme Paste


    Duck and Shiraz Pâté                Caramelised Onion Jam


    Pork and Prune Terrine            Chicken and Pistachio Terrine


                Duck and Orange Terrine

  • Artisan Chicken and Pistachio Terrine - Artisan Pork and Prune Terrine    

    Terrines are a French delicacy - a delicious highly flavoured, pressed, forced meat ready to serve cold.Terrines are  great for picnics, lunch platters; add to cheese plates along with Pâtés, sliced on crusty bread or on a plate to serve for dinner, with pickles, Sultana salsa and bread.

    Chicken and Orange Pâté



     Chicken and Madeira Pâté



    Duck and Currant Pâté    


    Pâtés are typically French. Unlike other pâtés, which are firm and crumbly, Julianne’s Kitchen pâté is light almost mousse like, silky and distinctly flavoured of rich meat real butter and quality brandy. All the pâtés are topped with a layer of accompanying fruit or alcohol jelly in complimentary flavours. Pâtés are great for picnics, lunch platters; add to cheese plates along with terrines, lashings on crustyread or to serve for an entrée.

    Caramelised Onion Jam

     Julianne’s Kitchen Caramelised Onion Jam is traditionally made using only quality ingredients and time. Reducing 600gm of onions down to the 150g serve. This is a real slow cooked onion jam packed full of rich, soft, sweet onion. Julianne’s Caramelised Onion Jam is ideal to serve with cheese platters as an alternative to fruit pastes, or as a filling in sandwiches or an accompaniment for pork, chicken and your favourite steaks. 

    Quince Paste


      Pear and Cinnamon Paste

    Julianne’s Kitchen fruit pastes are traditionally made using only natural ingredients and time, drying the fruit into the firm consistency of paste.Fruit pastes are ideal to serve with cheese, as a stuffing or in a sauce for pork, chicken or game birds.


    Family Portrait


  • Photography by Christian Mushenko, The Orchard Studio

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