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As seen in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Living 16th August 2011

"Hmm this Pâte is really quite lovely"

Marco Pierre White, 2011

World famous Chef

"I absolutley adore great quality food, and entertaining......and if there is one brand that combines both my passions, and never lets me down it's 'Julianne's kitchen'. Her Pâtes and Quince Paste are particular favourites and are always happily indulged by our guests whenever we have a house full"

Johanna Griggs, 2011

Former Commonwealth Games medalist swimmer, 1990 and current T.V. Personality

Julianne, you're going to kill me by driving me to overeat.

​At Dux the Grocer, Lane Cove, last week you gave me a small sample of your duck pate. It was stunning, so I hung around and had two more nibbles, then bought the pate. It lasted two pre-meals​. So I went back and bought the duck, the chicken and the caramelised onion. 

I'm having the chicken now, and I can't stop. You're a wicked woman, Julianne. What am I going to do. I think the magic (addiction) is in the fruit flavoured Jelly topping. I'm afraid I'm now hooked for life, but what a way to go !!!


 Peter, New lover of Julianne's Kitchen Pâtes, 2015




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